New Military Outfit and Shoes

We are busy these days!

Here is “Olga”, a complete military inspired outfit with skirt, jacket, pantyhose and boots!



Another release are the Teese Boots. Lots of details like laces, the zipper, canvas fabric make these boots a great addition to your wardrobe!



Shoes and more!

Last night i added new releases again!

First- a fully sculpted tweed vest!

It comes with the sweater shown, infos on how to wear, one copy/mod and one resize version aswell as a reference shape and alpha layer to hide parts that might stick out.

I put a mannequin instore wearing this vest

Combined with a pair of simple clean blue jeans it makes a wonderful outfit!

This is called Susan and is available too 🙂

Maybe you recognize the shoes im wearing to the Susan Outfit (not included tho).

These crumply soft leather ankle boots are a great addition to a lots of styles and are on sale in three colors so far

The details on this boots like belts, buckles, studs and the heel are just amazing and pretty realistic!

Get instore and get a demo to try them out!