Last Releases i forgot to blog about :O

Last week i releases some new things and really forgot to post it here ^^

So let me just show you the pics real quick, then im off again working on the new mesh release 🙂

Together Inc Jewel in black

Together Inc Cindy in lime

Together Inc Cindy in pink

Get it here –> TOGETHER INC

All the new releases are available on the marketplace aswell

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Valentine Gift <3

Visit us ingame (TOGETHER INC) for this cute little mesh dress

Together Inc Valentine Gift

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Mesh Salsa Dress

New instore:

Sharon; a rigged mesh asymetrical Dress. It comes in 5 sizes (Standard Sizes) and a demo is available 🙂




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Mesh Release :)

As promised we are starting with releasing some mesh clothes =)

The denim skirt is a must-have in every wardrobe, as you can mix and match and wear it for all kind of styles.


Next is my personal fav, the Lucy tube dress. Its available in five colors- im in love with the magenta version ❤


Last but not least there is Maria, wearable as oversized sweater or even as cute minidress!


As always, there are five sizes included of every mesh item aswell as a matching alpha. Demos are available ingame for free 🙂


Smexy Dresses

New this week:

Smexy- a dress that looks just like its called.

Optional sweater included


As always- get them here:


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Sexy Blouses and High Waist Dresses!

Just released!

Cute versatile blouse with sculpted frill sleeves, a perfect mix and match clothing. Wear alone for a sexy look or wear with your favourite shirt.

Next release is a smexy high waist dress available in two colors with neckholder top

All of the releases are available either on the marketplace or ingame @ TOGETHER INC

Naughty Release!

It was about time to get some short and sexy dresses out and Balsamico did a great job!

First- a dress which you should not even call dress!

Its so micromini, it even misses the skirtpart ^^ With the tied up front you cover what needs to be covered- nothing more, nothing less…

The second release is a mix and match outfit made out of latex, satin, buckles and fishnet. You have a bunch of options on how to wear this sexy piece, from covered boobs to totally exposed! Very hot and perfect for your naughty fashion needs!


Leah Dresses

Cute fairy-like dresses just released!

Comes with strapless bodice with flower embroidery, glitchpants and the light, floral print skirt

Now available @ TOGETHER INC

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Viola – the new vintage dress!

Balsamico did it again- a new release!

This time its Viola, a sleek pencilskirt dress with neckholder and buttoned up front. Not shown in the picture are the gloves that are included too.

Now available at TOGETHER INC

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Vivien – the new Gown

Our newest release now available ingame aswell as on the marketplace.

A wonderful sleek neckholder gown with trail, tempting low cut back and lace applications.
To see this elegant dress from all sides, tp to our store TOGETHER INC and have a look at the mannequin we placed there!



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