Mesh Jeans and Pants!

Rigged Mesh pants and jeans, with each purchase you’ll get 5 sizes (Standard Sizing)

Demos available @ TOGETHER INC

Together Inc Mesh Pants ad

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Mesh Salsa Dress

New instore:

Sharon; a rigged mesh asymetrical Dress. It comes in 5 sizes (Standard Sizes) and a demo is available 🙂




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Mesh Release :)

As promised we are starting with releasing some mesh clothes =)

The denim skirt is a must-have in every wardrobe, as you can mix and match and wear it for all kind of styles.


Next is my personal fav, the Lucy tube dress. Its available in five colors- im in love with the magenta version ❤


Last but not least there is Maria, wearable as oversized sweater or even as cute minidress!


As always, there are five sizes included of every mesh item aswell as a matching alpha. Demos are available ingame for free 🙂


Business Attire and casual outfits

This release is not only about business and casual outfits but our first mesh release aswell!

Most of you know about mesh already so i wont bother you. Only thing you should really keep in mind before shopping- make sure you are on a viewer that supports mesh!

The Norah Outfit contains two mesh objects, the pencil skirt that is rigged (moves along with your body) and the non rigged belt which is mesh but is not moving. The Skirt comes in 8 versions- from S to XL (slim and wide hips version). The white buttoned blouse is on standard layers

Following outfits dont have any mesh in them, if they have attachments like “Mona” they are sculpted

Together Inc. Jane in two colors

Together Inc Mona with pleated pants, coat/blazer, both with sculpted attachments

Together Inc. Lisa, clean white top with nice cleavage and black belted pants

You can get all the new stuff either on the marketplace (check links on the right) or ingame @ TOGETHER INC

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